About Us

This is a unique Islamic body with a number of features which distinguish it from the rest of its type.Below is a glance into what we do?? ?We compose,review and promote ARABIC & ISLAMIC poems.We subject every line of the poems we promote or produce to proper quarantine before its release to the market.Amidst this,we mentor and nurture the muslim youth who are phonophilic towards this line to ensure that their songs are filled with wisdom. ?We as well visit the less privilege of all kind and offer the little we can both in kind and cash. ?Being part of our agenda is,teaching people about a balanced ISLAM. ?We are most interested in promoting any talented youth, irrespective of tribe, background, age etc..We do this by bringing such talent to the limelight where it can be seen, felt and heard by all and sundry. *for further enquiries, visit our website @ https://yesaloonaka.com